Fastest Way To $500 Per Day With Shopify and Make a Successful Ecommerce Business Owner


Yes, it’s not funny. It’s real and proved. Today I am talking about Shopify Online Shopping Business. A Quality and High Classes Shopify Website can make you a rich and earn more than Figure 7 what you don’t assume.

Now Let’s Start Journey to Online Shopping and Make it easily –

Step 1: Decide on a Niche Website

First Analysis and Plan what kinds of Niche Shopping Website perfect for Target Zone. Must keep mind 2 things?

  • Target At least 5 million people internationally ( More would much better to Fasted Business)
  • Targeted Audience to be fairly passion-charged. Make a Plan for Drop shipping with Targeted Company. Drop shipping ecommerce site based around a niche that chose based.

Note: Buyer’s intent should be a bit higher if female niche.

Step 2: Research Facebook Audience and Pixel Grab

After Decide Niche Shopping Website, For Profitable Business first Make a Real Audience who are Looking that kinds of Product what’s on Niche Website.

Go Facebook’s Business Ads Manage and look Audience Insights tool (Need to be signed into a Facebook Account):

My Suggestion to you to building out a spreadsheet of 7+ broad interest groups each with different interests in the rows.

Step 3: Make a Shopify Account and Build Up Shopify Website

There still a lot of online Ecommerce Platform but I recommended you Shopify and only Shopify. Because of –

  • This Online System. Website should be build up and Establish on Shopify Own Server. So no need pay bill for Hosting
  • Save Monthly Bill to Hosting Company.
  • Never Down your Niche Website.
  • No need to Maintained Fee to Programmer/Maintainer Manager
  • High Security and High Bandwidth also
  • It’s not Possible to Hack by Hacker ( High Security)
  • Get 14 days Trail to Test Purpose and 2 Months free data Store in Shopify Account
  • Very Simple to Create Account and Maintains also

Just Go and Create Shopify Account

Step 4: Create a Shopified (or Oberlo) Account

Oberlo is Shopify Tool which help you to import choose product into your Niche Store from AliExpress and this tool will help you to control Drop Shipping with very simple Operation.

Just Install Apps with Connect directly shopify Store. Go

Signup Oberlo

Signup Shopified

Make money with  dropshipping is using Oberlo/Shopified now a days. Although, Shopify brought Oberlo Tool Recently. So, It will help Shopify Shop much better than, so hopefully it will compete more in the coming weeks.

Step 5: Create an AliExpress Account and Choose Valuable Products


Where you get products for niche store? Because you have not own Products. So, Choose AliExpress Cheapest Products to Related Niche Store.

Any Kinds of product you find on AliExpress and easily can be imported to store and fulfilled with simple ways using the Shopified or Oberlo plugin.

Create AliExpress

Step 6: Make Sheet of Ali Products for Testing and Import Cheapest to Your Store

Before Import Product must be Careful with Some things bellow-

  • Very Careful to Choose Product Import which items not easy to find at local Stores.
  • Another that mark greater than $20 and must have excellent Review, Rating, Comment, Amazing Storage Company also
  • Odiously use high Quality Photos, first signifying the product being used.

I a

Step 7: Upgrade Facebook Business Account and Obviously Verified


Facebook Business Account is really simple. Personal Facebook is Perfect for Test Campaign but it’s would nice job if use business account when Practical Business Start as Well.

Facilities of Business Account:

  • Business will allow you to run ads to multiple niche stores over time in an organized way
  • It’s Free and Run Campaign within 5 Minutes.
  • Lunch a Lot of Campaign at a Time
  • User Friendly

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Step 8: Launch Your Test Ads

Let’s Go Marketing your Niche Store. Before Start Live Test Ads on Facebook –

Campaign Follow Up:

  • Kitchen Shop (Campaign Name)
  • Kitchen Celebrities( Group 1)
  • Kitchen Event( Group 2)
  • Kitchen Brand( Group 3)
  • And So On

My Suggestion to you launching ads Campaign sets at $5/day budgets each, and testing for 5-7 days.

Then try to launch my ad sets at $10/day each, and test for 3 days

Use to launch 1200×1200 pixel photo ads for my initial tests and usually with text copy along.

In total, After launching a new store, Promote 10+ ad sets at $10/day each. So about $150-$250/day during my initial tests.

Step 9:  Analyze Ads Data and Take Live Action.

You need to run Test Ads about One week. After that, Make  Facebook Ads analytics. Then will Look

  • Cost Per Link Click (CPC); Estimate how many people clicked the link in your ad) – You likely want this to be <$0.50
  • Link click-through rate (CTR): Anything higher than 1% is good; higher than 2% is great CTR rating for Good Business.
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA): Depending on your profit margins, but likely less than $20 or $30

Finally, Step 10: Join Some Related Facebook Groups


Find out Some Amzaing Facebook Group Where Customers are Walking together. Go there and Send Request to Add on that Group.

You can Discuss and share your Web Store with there and Increase Performance also

That’s End all Toay!!!