How Is Technology Evolving Past, Present and Future
How Is Technology Evolving Past, Present and Future

Purpose Drives Technology Forward

All technologies are born out of purpose. For example, search engines were created to sort through the massive amounts of data online. With each new upgrade technology compounds existing technologies to create something better than what was previously used before. And on and on it goes.

With the lightning speed of technological evolution, it is no wonder many people have struggled to keep up. To be fair, the scope of technology’s expanse is so great, wrapping everything up into a single blog post is practically impossible.

Here is just a brief glimpse into how rapidly the Internet and technology as a whole have evolved in recent years.

The Past Situation of Evolution:

Past Technology and it’s Evolution: Different scholars said evolution in different way. Few said – first invention humanity’s was the wheel, while others say it was fire. But possibly information technology was our invention of communication. This communication can be conceptualized, built, replicated, and improved life style by others over time.

All over the years, how we communicate has evolved particularly. Nowadays, lot of our inventions are focused on creating faster ways of communicating with each other, and in the process, we’re creating more data than humans can be conscious. Present World, a new technological tool call artificial intelligence, is future at the series of all this.

The advent of mobile phone and market-led reform quickly changed the scenario. Rapidly mobile phone penetration increased reaching over 70 per cent by the end of 2010 in most of the developing countries. Easily accessible and affordable mobile phones served the important purpose of communication connecting even remote villages of developing countries with the global community.

Evolution boosted when people found value in the Internet, technology took off to eliminate having to use a phone line to go online and instead delivered faster connections to the World Wide Web.

The Present Situation of Evolution and Revolution of Communication: Chats, Snaps and Double Taps

Since the times of dial-up, access to the Internet is accessible all over. Nowadays, It is uncommon for customers to go into a coffee house, library or wherever of business and not have the capacity to get to a Wi-Fi. If there isn’t present Wi-Fi signal in close range, almost people still have access to the Internet via their cellular data connection on their smartphones and personal hotspots, it’s very easy to access technology using smartphones and internet connection.

We evolve communicate continued as well Technology Evolution perpetually reshapes our communication. Using internet connection, we see instant availability( like as face-to-face conversations). Opportunity of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connections, talk-to-text, every messaging communication apps – while you’re driving, in meetings, at home.

The Social Media Connection: Texting evolve, spike in video-sharing, actual text from shrinking (SnapChat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Periscope, Vine, etc).

This kinds of Social networks continue to change the way people engage with one another very easy. Although superficial at times, this form of communication helps people stay closer to each other when they would have otherwise lost contact.

Face to Face (Virtually, Speaking):

Face-to-face conversations via technology are resurfacing, though, and even strengthening, thanks to higher-quality video and streaming capabilities (enter: Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, FaceTime, live streaming, etc.). With more people engaging in web/video conferencing online, geographic barriers. People can talk to people face-to-face without the need for costly travel and reaching out to people all over the world is faster and easier.

Time period of Video Streaming: Nowadays, people are edged the cord when it comes to cable, opting for digital streaming and video services like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. Best way to video streaming each other with original content, availability and delivery channels (e.g. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, etc.)

Thanks to streaming options like Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Periscope, individuals and business are able to broadcast their own videos and content.

Technology Forecast-iCloudy Days: Before it, People used Hard Drive, Pen Drive, Floppy Disk and many other device to make backup their data virtually but nowadays, More people and companies are using cloud-based services for their business and store everything online instead of on a single device. They are transferring information via cloud storage, like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and FTP sites.

Future Evolution of Technology: Emerging Trends on the Horizon

Technology growing be faster and it will be more faster in future, have the ability to accomplish more and everything will become more streamlined to make getting work done, easier.

It can’t possible to guess the future technology exactly but we can assume the speculations on technology’s evolution. We are constantly seeing emerging media and new trends in technology to follow. Here are a few trends to watch for in the coming years.

Smart is the New Sexy

Future World be continued evolution of smart devices and rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It will as like as Machine, These machines will share data automatically limiting the need for human involvement. Of course, it’s not just smartphones, watches, TVs or tablets anymore.

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