How to Email Verification When Registration Complete Using Job Event & Listener in Laravel 5.* Programming


Today, I will try to explain and Coding Analysis how to add the email sending process to a queue to make Job app processes

Step 1:

Go to Laravel Project Directory In Terminal and Use Command to Make Auth System in Laravel Default

Step 2:

Setting up the Laravel Tables & Update Migration Table –
Open Database/Migration/ …create_users_table

Step 3:
Adding Some Table for Queues
These table will work for queued jobs and failed job. Go Terminal and run the following Artisan commands:

Now Configure Laravel Main Con fig File Called ( .env) Open and Place Bellow Code for Mailing System Configuration

You will Change using Your Own Information above like – MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS and MAIL_FROM_NAME
Step 4:
Creating Mail in Laravel System bellow –

Make also the SendVerficationEmail for Queue Job

Step 5: Now Open App\Email\EmailVerification.php and Write Code Update –

Again Work with App\Jobs\SendVerificationEmail.php and Write Code Update –

Update the User Model for New Registration Process:

Before getting started, Add If need More Field and also add ‘email_token’ in $fillable array in the User Model.

Now open RegisterController.php file (located inside the App/Controller/Auth folder).

Click the Link To Verify Your Email

Click the following link to verify your email {{ url(‘/verifyemail/’.$email_token)}}


Then Again –
Create a new file inside this folder with the name emailconfirm.blade.php.

Registration Confirmed


Your Email is successfully verified. Click here to login





Then Another File –
Create a new file inside this folder with the name verification.blade.php.

Registration Confirmed


You have successfully registered. An email is sent to you for verification.





Main Feature has been Done Yet! Welcome to Verification Script.
Final Step :
Add the following route in the routes\web.php file for user verification:

Testing the Email Verification Process in Own Server
At the command line, execute the following command to start listening for the queue.