Indexability check by problem fixed in WordPress Php Website SEO


Website homepage cannot be indexed by search engines. This situation is very bad for SEO obviously Google, Bing, Search Engine and should be fixed.


Step 1: Goto WP Dashboard
Step 2: Goto Yeost SEO Dashboard
Step 3: click on Fetch again at the bottom.
Step 4: Clear the error and refresh you admin panel.

Step 1: Update SEO Plugin

If your website SEO plugin haven’t updated yet, Just go to your plugins Managers and you see the Yoast SEO plugin/All SEO Plugin and click “update now.”

Step 2: Re-Calculate SEO Plugin Scores

Re-Calculate SEO using the upgrade SEO score algorithm by clicking the recalculate SEO score link.

You will see an error message telling you that this is very bad for SEO. The reason that this appears is because the status hasn’t been checked yet and the default status is “not indexed.”

Step 3: Fetch The Current Status

From your dashboard scroll down to “Yoast SEO Overview Widget” and click “Fetch the current status” button.