Introduce with Basic Computer Hardware,Software,Network,Input,Output,Process


Good day, hope all are well. Today I will explain to all about computer basic thing. These topics will help you to make a expert computer operator and very knowledgeable person about computer.

I thought there many new users who just brought their computer/laptop and joined internet just now they don’t know many thing what a professional computer users know. So I am trying to know that kinds of new users who just came IT world and welcome to them here.

Computer Introduction:

Computer is an electronics device which specially works with information.  Computer doesn’t know without 1/0. All information converts into Zero/One then execute.

We can answer that – A Computer is one kinds of multitasking electronics machine which can memorize data/information into its Memory/Disk after accept/receive data, permutation data and resolution that data. We get a 100% accurate result after computer program execute. Computer cannot do anything without program. So we can tell it Calculate or programmable electronics machine.

Other side we can tell as shortly – Computer is a system program solving electronics machine whose use for data processing or information processing.

My Quote that “Human can do wrong in his calculation but Computer cannot do anything wrong if program play accurately”.

“Charles Babbage” who 1st design a mechanical computer and for that reason I called him Grand Father of Computer. He made a Analytical Computer where he used ROM (Read Only Memory) in the form of punch cards.

Types of Function of a Computer:

There are four functional structure of a Digital Computer.

  • Input ( Accepts/Input Data)
  • Output ( Produces/ Output Data)
  • Processing(CPU) (Processes Data )
  • Storage(Stores Result)

Ask about all Computer Functional Structure:

Input Device:  Key Board , Mouse, Scanner, Modem, Bar Code Reader, Optical Pen and so on

Output Device: Printer, Monitor, Headphone, Plotter and so on

Storage Device: Hard Drive, RAM, ROM, Floppy, CD/DVD

Processing Unit:  Micro Processor

What can do a Computer?

We cannot think that how much work computer can do. I just exposition  few very important task what a computer can do.

  • Its receive order number or sound with input device
  • Process data/information with declaration
  • Send output data to Output device
  • Store data/information with its necessary and boost   data/information from its Memory

Types of Computer:

  • Digital Computer
  • Analog Computer
  • Hybrid Computer
  • Super Computer
  • Main Frame Computer
  • Mini Computer
  • Micro Computer

Details about Different Computer Device:

Key Board:  Key Board is one of Main Part for Computer Users.  There has between 84 and 101 Key in a Key Board. We can divide as a whole into 5 categories of key board

  • Function Key (F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12)
  • Arrow Key( Left, Right, Up, Down)
  • Alphabetic Key ( English Letter A to Z, a to z) is Called Alphabetic Key
  • Numeric Key or Logic Key( Numeric Number 0 to 9, +, _, *, /, <,>,=)
  • Special Key( Esc, Tab, Caps Lock, Ctrl, Alt, Enter, Pause, Print, Delete, End, Page Up, page Down, Insert, Back Space, Space Bar, Name Lock)

Work with Special Key Word:

Esc:  Cancel any kinds of Order

Tab:  Ready to direction for next paragraph/column/number/initial point of a passage

Caps Lock: Type with Capital Letter.

Shift: Write 1st Letter in a Word as Capital Letter use Shift

Ctrl: Order a command with 2 key on same time