Laravel Form Error- ErrorException Class ‘Form’ not found (View: – Html, Form class not found


Basically, Form::open() and related stuff doesn’t work out of the box. This article contains a solution for this problem.

If you try to use Form::open() or any of the Form methods in a fresh Laravel 5 install, you would get something like this:

Fundamentally, Form::open() and related prototypes doesn’t work out of the box. Now I am trying to solve this this problem to biggest help.
Class ‘Form’ not found (View: /

When use in your view blade file like Form::open() or any of the Form methods. You will see error and follow bellow step to solve it
Step 1:

Form and HTML are now abstracted packages, and you need to add package name into composer.json file and run
Add illuminate/html to composer.json file:

Step 2:
Open a config file config/app.php and add service providers and alias like bellow –

Step 3:
Go to View File and Place like

Finally Got Result and Success!! Cheers …..