Laravel News Post Project – To Make Simple News Post Blog Create-Delete-Edit-Display


Look Carefully my First Project – Task Review

Start Second Simple Project News Feed Blog:

Ok Lets Go Main Project —

1) Create Auth And Database Migration Table using Command Line:

Then Create Model for Your Project Named ( News ) in Model Folder

2) Then Create Controller to Control Task

Work with Controller

Open Routes->Web and Use Bellow Code

Then Use Code into Model with Migrate:

Work on Model

php artisan make:model Models/News

Now Work in View Section for Task Job

Go to Resources/View/mytheme/news/news.blade.php ( Create Named : news.blade.php)
Resources/View/mytheme/news/create.blade.php ( Create Named : create.blade.php)
Resources/View/mytheme/news/edit.blade.php ( Create Named : edit.blade.php)

Create News

Edit News Feeds

Display Single News Feed