Laravel Programming: CSS & JS path not found directory asset() not point to public/resources folder


Working on Laravel 5 + folder structure – Public & Resources :

1st Way to path directory:  If used public folder to store all my CSS, JS, images and uploads.

2nd Way to path directory: If used resources folder with assets(CSS, JS, images and uploads)








In Laravel everything the browser needs to access directly in the public directory. Which usually means: JavaScript, CSS, images, maybe some videos or audio files.

resources/assets is meant for things that have to be compiled or minified first. So you would have a few LESS or SASS files in resources/assets and they would get compiled and minified into one CSS file that’s put in the public directory


Follow Some instruction to Work Js/Css Files work properly:

Go to Path – Project root\vendor\laravel\framework\src\Illuminate\Foundation\helpers.php

helpers.php – if want css/js folder into resources folder :

helpers.php – if want css/js folder into public folder :

Css/Js Called from view blade.php