Laravel Programming: Error Fixed – Sqlite not recognized on Command Prompt Database Migration


In Laravel 5 on XWAMP/WAMP Server where you try to laravel database migrate using command shell prompt there will show a Error :  Sqlite/Sqlite2/Sqlite2 not recognized on Prompt system.

How to Problem Fixed ?

sqlite to work on server properly you must follow the tutorials properly. Go to php.ini in your wamp/xmap server and uncommitted the following in php.ini and restarted the WAMP server.


After Reopen the server, YOu can try command shell for sqlite3 is supported. when I run it, it will says ‘SQLite 3 Recognized.’ Then you can easily use the sqlite3 into your server.

die(“SQLite 3 NOT Recognized”);

$base=new SQLite3($dbname, 0666);
echo “SQLite 3 Recognized.”;

But when you go to database.php at: root\config\database.php and change the default ‘default’ => ‘mysql’ to,

‘default’ => ‘sqlite’

Then go into the cmd prompt to run the same command – php artisan sqlite3

I get the error message

‘sqlite3’ is not recognized as an internal or external command…….

When default was at ‘mysql’, it ran perfectly and It was able to connect and create tables no problem. problem happened when change it into sqlite