Server Importing a large Database in phpmyadmin causes a 504 Gateway Time-out error.


Step 1st:

Configure php.ini file
Once the installation is completed you need to edit the php.ini file. Find the configuration file:

Edit the file using your favorite text editor:

Make the following changes:

Increase PHP script execution time with Nginx
Step #1:

Changes in php.ini
If you want to change max execution time limit for php scripts from 30 seconds (default) to 300 seconds.

Changes in PHP-FPM
Takes value ofmax_execution_time found in php.ini

Changes in Nginx Config File
Increase the execute time limit for ( Virtual Host ) by bellow code

Put fastcgi_read_timeout 300;

If you want to increase time-limit for all-sites on your server, you can edit main nginx.conf file:

Finally Restart your server
Reload PHP-FPM & Nginx
Don’t forget to do this so that changes you have made will come into effect: