Ubuntu Extract Problem – An error occurred while extracting files


Go To Run Command Bellow:

First, run:

ou could read man unrar.

From terminal you can use next command:

Or, the following command if you want to preserve the directory structure too:

If you like then you can also use p7zip-full package. You can install it as:

If Problem to Update at

E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.

Try with following command:

Now can Promote Command Terminal:

  1. First i need to run
    sudo apt-get install unrar
    to install unrar.
  2. If i want to unpack all files within the .rar files in the same directoryunrar e -r /home/work/software/myfile.rar
  3. if i want to unpack the files in full pathunrar x -r /home/work/software/myfile.rar

This problem is solved.