Upload Laravel Project into Live Hosting Server-Path Directory, Image not Fount, Css Not Found Problem and Solution


Sometime You face some Critical Problem when Upload your Local Laravel Project into Live Hosting. I am trying to give some solution how to Work Perfectly in It.

Step 1:

Compress/Zip your Laravel files and Folder and Upload it to your Hosting via Cpanel/Ftp Server

Step 2:

Move index.php file From Public/index.php to Root Directory – index.php

Step 3:

Change some code using my bellow code

Step 4:

Change Configuration Database using bellow Code(public_html/laravel/.env):

Step 5:

Change your FileSystem (public_html/laravel/config/filesystems.php)

Step 6:

For CSS and JS path Correct put change code (public_html/laravel/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/helpers.php)