Whoops, looks like something went wrong. After install laravel Project install


You can face this problem many times after install current laravel package. Today i am trying to solve this problem anyway-

Solution #1:

Check .env.example file on Root Directory after install current package. Example :   Name ( .env.example) on Laravel Root Folder.

Solution #2:

Change Its name to .env from .env.example

In Laravel 5.x you just rename .env.example to .env, change the environments variables

Solution #3:

If you are using Laravel 4.x you need to edit the config/app.php file and change the debug = false to debug = true

Solution #4:

Make change with some configure using Database and Other on .env file on root directory.

Example Change –


Html code here! Replace this with any non empty text and that's it.

Make Sure the debug is set to true on .env file
To Solve, If still see the blank page with Error
Allow 777 permission to the storage folder-
Allow 777 permission to the Bootstrap folder-
If Fatal Error with blank page?
Install / Update Composer if not already installed Completely.
Run on Terminal –
Key Generate after Install Composer Pack. Example –
composer install didn’t help
Config might have been cached. Clear config cache by running following command-