Why Facebook Block and How Avoid Facebook Limits (groups, friends, invites etc) and Account Blocks

  1. Facebook Actions Limits
Actions restrictions

Mass follow limit: the account gets banned after 500+ follows in 24 hours, and it will require providing an ID to unblock it;

Request acceptance limit: no more than 1500 in 24 hours;

Adding friends to group limit: no more than 600 in 24 hours;

Adding friends to group limit (for the group): no limit;

Adding friends to page limit: 2500-3000 in 24 hours;

Adding friends to page limit (for the page): 10 000 in 24 hours;

Joining a group/page limit: 25 in 24 hours.

Likes limits: 5000 in 24 hours;

Messages limits: 150 at time.

All Facebook limits are floating, and different accounts will get different numbers. So increase the number of actions gradually, until you notice the first signs of a pending ban.

  1. Facebook Bans

Keep an eye on the following metrics to bypass the restrictions:

  • Checkpoint for adding friends: 30-60 minutes;
  • Limits to inviting friends to your page: 12-24 hours;
  • Limits to inviting friends to a page (for the page): 24-48 hours;
  • Limits to inviting friends to a group: 12 hours (block time increases when restrictions are exceeded);
  • Ban for joining groups/pages: 2 weeks;
  • Posting limits: first ban: 24 hours, second ban: 3 days, third time: week.
    *This refers to all the communities that are related to founder’s account. For example, if you’ve been banned in group A, you can’t publish anything in group B, too.

The listed bans are for the first violation, in case of repeated offenses block times will be prolonged.

  1. New account recommendations
  2. Simultaneous accounts limit: 10 accounts for one IP;
  • IP-address blocking: 24-72 hours.
  1. IP address limits and bans

New accounts need to strictly observe all the actions limits. The best you can do with a new account is to leave off active promotion of the account for a time, and allow them to get trusted by filling up the account and publishing posts.

You need to be careful about how you start the promotion, and stick to the action plan. Here’s an example:

  • First 1-2 weeks of active promotion: 10-20 subscriptions in 24 hours;
  • Next 1-2 weeks: increase subscriptions by 10-30 every week;
  • This tactic will allow you to start the second month with 50-60 subscriptions every 24 hours;
  • Stick to this number for a month, and if it doesn’t get the account banned, gradually increase the number to the desired 400-500 subscriptions every 24 hours;

Keep in mind that of late new accounts get banned very quickly, and you have to take it slow if you want to use them for a long time. Holding an account back for a period of several months and up to one year yields the best results.

  1. Reasons for banning personal and commercial accounts

Facebook has the following policy on its users communication: it aims to connect large amounts of people who meet, or are likely to meet in real life, but contacts between people from different regions or countries are not encouraged. On top of this, consider the increasingly restrictive actions to prevent spam and inappropriate content and you have the Facebook ban algorithm.

Frequent reasons for banning personal accounts:

  • Fake name and picture;
  • False bio information;
  • Spam;
  • Using one and the same text in newsletters;
  • Inappropriate or offensive content;
  • Changing email or password (fraudulent actions);
  • Using several accounts.

Frequent reasons for blocking commercial accounts:

  • Payment information from one country, while you reside in another;
  • You logged in to Ads Manager via proxy;
  • You haven’t advertised anything for a time, and then you started advertising a lot;
  • You’ve created lots of ads in a very short time (this can get you banned);
  • You’ve created a large number of rejected ads in a short period of time;
  • Facebook’s blocked the Ads Manager, and you set up a new one.
  1. How to get an account unblocked

In most cases the moderators block the access to an account for a time, the duration of which depends on the violation frequency: from several hours to a week for new accounts, and up to a month for regular offenders. So the first option is to leave the account for a time, and start working with other ones.

You should also keep in mind that Facebook doesn’t like unblocking accounts until the blocking time is over, but you can try to contact support, as there’s a chance that they will help you lift the block.

Besides, there are some specific ways to bypass the block: you can publish posts in Instagram via a mobile app. This way you can publish images.