WordPress Error: WordPress Admin CSS Hide Element/Div/Button from WordPress Admin Panel of the Specific Users


When building a site for different purpose, need to customize css of admin panel and want them to have access to every element of the WordPress administrative interface. It can be like hiding some plugins, error messages from the theme, Add some extra features, Customize theme admin, hide the entire plugins page and so on.


You can easily do it to follow some step following bellow :

1) Customize Admin Css Element for all admin Users :

– Install firebug in your browser(Allow without firebug addon).

Just Right- Click that element which want to Customize-> Inspect element -> Copy selector(Class/ID).

2) Wright the specific bello code into theme functions.php.
Other Way to customize the function.php there Appearance -> Editor -> functions.php

3) Create a Css file into themes folder named – wp-admin.css

Modify your necessary css code for each element into themes/wp-admin.css directory.

Example :    .gadwp-settings-inf{ display:none;}

If Customize Css Element to a Specific User:

Just keep a condition for specific username bellow: