Working on Node JS with Laravel Socialite-How To Install Node.js with Laravel Framework on an Ubuntu 16.4


Refresh our local package index first, and then install from the repositories:

Now Install npm, which is the Node.js package manager. You can do this by typing:

Installing Node Prerequisites

Use Command Bellow:

Step 2 – Adding NodeJs PPA

Step 3 – Installing Node.js and NPM

After adding the node.js ppa we just need to give the node.js install command to install node.js. Npm will be installed automatically with node.js.

Check Node.js

First check installed Node.js version by following command

Step 5 – Create Simple Node.js server


Authentication Routes

  • /login
  • /logout
  • /register
  • /password/email
  • /password/reset
  • /activate
  • /activate/{token}
  • /activation-required
  • /re-activate/{token}

Profile Routes

  • /profile/{username}
  • /profile/{username}/edit <- Editing in this view is limited to current user only.

Admin User Management Routes

  • /users
  • /users/create
  • /users/{user_id}
  • /users{user_id}/edit

Admin Theme Routes

  • /themes
  • /themes/create
  • /themes/{theme_id}
  • /themes/{theme_id}/edit

Admin Tools Routes

  • /logs
  • /php
  • /routes

Admin Soft Deleted Users Management Routes

  • /users/deleted
  • /users/deleted/{user_id}


Get Socialite Login API Keys:

Step 1:

Installation Socialite Structure:


Step 2:

Next Change Configure your Social API –

Add the service provider to Config/services.php – Change It with yours

Then Put Some Change on API credentials to /.env

Next Step :

Add the social media login link:

Example: In file /resources/views/auth/login.blade.php add ONE of the following:

Or Alternative Way – Use Laravel HTML Facade with [Laravel Collective]( (recommended)

{!! HTML::link(route(‘social.redirect’, [‘provider’ => ‘twitch’]), ‘Twitch’, array(‘class’ => ‘btn btn-lg btn-primary btn-block twitch’)) !!}

Environment File Configure :

Example .env file: